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LAUNCH: Porsche Panamera

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Photo 1 - (L to R) Mr Francis Lee, Mr Karsono Kwee, Mr Christer Ekberg and Dr Henrik Dreier presents the new PanameraOn Friday, 18th of September, Porsche Singapore unveiled the over-sized 4-seater saloon to a small group of journalists at the Capella Sentosa, Singapore.

In an intimate setting, the odd-looking monstrosity sat quietly under the scrutineering and skeptical eyes of its audience while the brands Executive Chairman, Mr Karsono Kwee sat down answering some questions of the cars expected sales figures and its current position with VW together with the Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific, Mr Christer Ekberg.

The car, as seen in pictures, unfortunately isn’t one of those cars that looks better in the flesh. Its bulbous rear-end cuts the car an un-Porsche-like silhouette, and paired with those 18 inch rims, makes for a pretty awkward looking machine.

But to each his own poison. A few journalists actually commended the car for its looks and for Porsche’s ability to make something as boring and naturally boxy as a family sedan, well, more Porsche.

From the reviews on numerous overseas European websites, the car’s Turbo variant stands out as the one most true to the Porsche spirit. Then again it’s the most expensive.

Deep pockets exploring the new Panamera

So whether you love it or hate it, Porsche dilution of the brand will still continue as something of a natural development towards moving the company back into the black.

And judging from the number of people who turned up for the free buffet and drinks, this car, just like the Cayenne, will probably sell relatively well.

Oh no…

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