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LAUNCH: 2009 Mini John Cooper Works (JCW)

September 2, 2008 Leave a comment


A conservative launch was held in the Mini Habitat at Leng Kee today morning for the 09 JCW Mini. Guests included all members of the media and also VIP’s from the local and regional BMW offices.

The event started off with a bang, well…more like a thud. The lights were dimmed and our attention was focused on the garage door, opening in cliche movie-like speed. Just as the door completely folded up the Mini, with tires screeching leaped out from the garage in reverse and did a hang brake turn to face the audience.  Only to have turned just a second too late and ended up intimately kissing the tire-wall in front of the cement pillar. This was probably one of those instances when split seconds and finely-tuned reactions were the difference between a great entrance and a complete disaster.

Thankfully the Mini only suffered a broken JCW Insignia on the grill. Besides that the event went relatively simple although the initial introduction and commentary for the car seemed a tad bit under rehearsed. Quite embarrassing when top management from the local and regional BMW offices were standing right there with lips bit.

The new JCW is a much different animal from its older Sisters, at least in production wise. The past JCW’s were basically normal Mini’s retro-fitted to take on the JCW kit and the upgrades. Since the purchase of JCW earlier in the year, Mini has integrated the manufacturing aspect of the JCW cars into their own production line so these JCW’s come direct from the factory.

It is visually stimulating. With it’s various carbon fiber accents, wonderfully sculptured rims and brakes, the JCW does cut out a mean stance when still. The 2 major gripes I do have about it though are the new bumpers and the spoiler. The aero kit which came as an option for the newer Mini’s are now stock on the JCW and it looks absolutely horrendous.

Performance wise the new JCW promises to be an even more engaging and entertaining ride the last one was and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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