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Analysed: Porsche GT2 RS

The powerful GT2 was defeated 2 years ago when the GTR beat its Nurburgring lap time by an astounding 5 seconds. However, Porshe’s commitment to Intelligent Engineering and 60 years of race car development has produced the lighter, more powerful 911 GT2 RS. Sold as a track car although fit for the streets, it has a limited availability of just 500 units and a price-tag that can fetch 3 Godzillas. Despite standing at the forefront of engineering sophistication alongside the Audi R8 GT, Porshe repeatedly compared the GT2 RS with the Nissan GTR that once brought it down – to reinstate the pride it once had at Nurburgring.

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MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: Everyone crack that piggy bank!! Honda NSX up for adoption!

May 3, 2010 Leave a comment

There’s no better way to start the week for a car enthusiast than to see a pretty rare 1993 registered, V6-powered, pants-wetting, Honda NSX put up for adoption on local popular car website sgcarmart.

So here we were minding our own business and digging our way through the mass collection of email’s compiled over the weekend when I chanced upon an email from a sharp eyed (and evidently distracted) reader of ours who says he starts his day off browsing through the pages of Sgcarmart’s “Used Car” section and somehow felt obliged to tell the world about his finding.

From the last time I counted, there was a white, grey, red, yellow and blue.

Now, I hardly see any of them NSX’s on the roads! Read more…

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