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BREAKING NEWS: Porsche releases worldwide recall for their Panamera!

First Toyota made headlines with world-wide recalls over faulty accelerator pedals.

Perhaps the sight of Akio Toyoda in tears during his public apology tightened the crotches of other automotive CEOs. Honda followed with its recall of the Fit model over “possible fire through excessive liquid contact of the master power window switch”. Although it sounds absurd, the Japanese certainly know how to maintain their quality standards – although it fed the media’s immense hunger over recalls and safety issues at that time.

However, little did we expect Porshe to turn up in the “i-think-i-should-recall” category of car makers – especially when it’s the first supercar brand to initiate the recalling of all its roughly 11,300 Panameras ever built. Unlike Honda which recalled cars based on some unlikely scenarios that breached car safety – Porshe’s Panamera has a good reason to take some of the meat searing that Toyota went through. But we’re never going to see Martin Winterkorn (CEO of Porshe SE and Volkswagen) cry over this.

Apparently, a fault in the seatbelt tightening system results in the seatbelts from the front seats detaching easily when the seats are moved close to the front dash. Now that’s bad news in many ways, as even at the lowest spec, the Panamera is a still a torquey beast pumping 300 bhp from its 3.6-litre V6. Did we tell you it’s rear wheel drive too? So depending on the nature of a crash, and the Panamera type, despite the airbags, our affluent owners will still be subject to being thrown around the luxurious interior, promising the backseat passengers a panoramic view of the accident indeed.

Although it’s the in-season for brands to responsibly make recalls over safety issues, the Panamera doesn’t deserve being let-off as much the relatively underpowered Honda cars. There’s clearly a lot of income at stake here for the governments – in terms of breaching the safety of their highly-taxed Panamera owners. It’s as good as jumping off a plane without a parachute, for detaching seatbelts in a fast car. And all that Martin has to say was the better a brand performs, the more autonomy it gains within the overall group – clearly showing he was more concerned with the reputation than apologizing.

Just goes to show how badly we’ve whipped a good man who sincerely apologized to the world over stuck accelerator pedals and then taken it lightly for every other recall that followed. Although he failed miserably on brand advertising where Porshe and Volkswagen have not, it is amazing that no one has come forward to grill Porshe for this safety lapse that endangered drivers in the past 3 months for the newly launched Panamera.

Surely, we could argue that the car had far more safety aspects covered in terms of brakes, ABS and airbags – but the point is, if the world only saw Toyota in this perspective, of being responsible to its customers and their safety, we would have seen less staff being axed from Borneo motors and showrooms around the world and not see a grown man cry on tv.

My heart goes out to Akio Toyoda and the Japanese’s commitment to quality at the end of the day. As for Porshe, which is busy salvaging its reputation – wait a minute, I didn’t catch Martin apologizing.

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