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LAUNCH: VW unveils a new variant for Golf and Polo range in Singapore

Currently sold in 1.4-litre and forced induced guises respectively, the new Polo and the Golf will have their product range lengthened by the compact 1.2-litre TSI engine.

And these mini displacement models from the German automaker couldn’t have found a better time to get themselves in the showrooms.

With the COE having rocketed to new heights in the last few months (there’s never going to be a good time to buy a car in Singapore. Never.), everyone has been quick to shelve whatever plans they had on purchasing that motor vehicle and are holding on to their current rides and for some of us, our EZLink cards.

So what do theses two models represent then?

First, lets talk about the Polo Sport 1.2 TSI (DSG).

There’s no doubting the success of the Polo 1.4 when it hit our shores sometime last year.

Boasting much better quality and lower price than a certain popular Japanese model, the 1.4 won instant fans with it’s handsome good looks and the 1.4 engine that seems to struggle at certain times but gets the job done of an everyday machine from points A to B. But even with sales hitting their targets, there were a huge chunk of discerning customers who decided to hold out for the 1.2-litre TSI variant that they predicted would come in the following year – and, model wise, they were probably right in waiting.

With the 1.2-litre getting VW’s famous TSI treatment, the engine manages an impressive 105 bhp @ 5,000 rpm and a healthy torque figure of 175 Nm @ 1,550 – 4,100 rpm. That’s a clear 20bhp and 43Nm more than the 1.4 version.

It manages the 0-100 km/h sprint in 9.7 seconds with the help of a 7-speed DSG transmission while only using up 5.3 litres per 100 km.

All this comes in a package that includes two pairs of sporty 16-inch alloys, a multi-function leather steering wheel and an RCD 310 audi system with multimedia AUX-IN.

Justifying the Sport in Polo Sport though, are the said alloy rims that naturally makes the ride a tad more harsh than the 15’s and leather wrapped sports oriented seats. I did sit in the car so I can tell you first hand the seats are sporty enough to hold you well in place like any good sports seat. No, isn’t any change to the suspension settings.

Interested individuals should take note that to keep costs down, the sports seats (which arrive from Germany in fabric form) will be wrapped in leather locally. If you’ve got a problem with wrapping your mind around that (even though a lot of other manufacturers here are doing the same thing), you could opt for the original fabric seats.

Next, the Golf 1.2 TSI (DSG).

Basically setup with an identical engine as the Polo Sport, the 1.2-litre turbocharged unit churns out the same amount of horse power and torque as in the smaller car but only manages to clear the 100 km/h threshold in 10.6 seconds due to the Golf’s larger frame.

Fuel consumption figures for the combined cycle is at a claimed 5.8 L/100 km (17.2 km/l).

Keeping the package more interesting though, VW has slapped on some 16-inch alloys, thrown in Climatronic 2-zone climate control and 7 airbags as standard.

Now, VW knows very well that with whatever price point they decide on advertising, buyers will always have their eyebrows raised at full mast with the COE being this high.

So they’ve worked hard in making both cars a more fulfilling package rather than just an entry level alternative.

The Polo Sport will be priced at $79,800 while the Golf will be priced at $89,800.

A quick check on a popular local website though clearly points out that while the Golf 1.2 is $13,500 cheaper than the 1.4 TSI, the Polo Sport 1.2 TSI is the same price as the 1.4 DSG. Probably a miscommunication somewhere along the lines and we’ll make sure to change the above pricing as soon as we get some confirmation on the information.

Wondering when the Polo with VW’s GTI slapped on grill will make its way here? Think second quarter of 2011.

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