First Looks: The Lexus LFA

A video of the new Lexus LFA losing in acceleration to a 2010 Nissan GT-R surfaced (see below), which gave the supercar a negative image to begin with. What many don’t know is that the LFA represents a technological milestone since the last engineering marvel, the Audi R8, and is essentially more advanced beneath all that carbon fibre and its relatively quiet, non-menacing character. After all, Lexus has been attributed to the combination of luxury and elegance, and they did so with a supercar that can keep an infant asleep while cruising above 200km/h.

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LAUNCH: VW unveils a new variant for Golf and Polo range in Singapore

June 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Currently sold in 1.4-litre and forced induced guises respectively, the new Polo and the Golf will have their product range lengthened by the compact 1.2-litre TSI engine.

And these mini displacement models from the German automaker couldn’t have found a better time to get themselves in the showrooms.

With the COE having rocketed to new heights in the last few months (there’s never going to be a good time to buy a car in Singapore. Never.), everyone has been quick to shelve whatever plans they had on purchasing that motor vehicle and are holding on to their current rides and for some of us, our EZLink cards.

So what do theses two models represent then? Read more…

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Analysed: Porsche GT2 RS

The powerful GT2 was defeated 2 years ago when the GTR beat its Nurburgring lap time by an astounding 5 seconds. However, Porshe’s commitment to Intelligent Engineering and 60 years of race car development has produced the lighter, more powerful 911 GT2 RS. Sold as a track car although fit for the streets, it has a limited availability of just 500 units and a price-tag that can fetch 3 Godzillas. Despite standing at the forefront of engineering sophistication alongside the Audi R8 GT, Porshe repeatedly compared the GT2 RS with the Nissan GTR that once brought it down – to reinstate the pride it once had at Nurburgring.

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MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: Everyone crack that piggy bank!! Honda NSX up for adoption!

May 3, 2010 Leave a comment

There’s no better way to start the week for a car enthusiast than to see a pretty rare 1993 registered, V6-powered, pants-wetting, Honda NSX put up for adoption on local popular car website sgcarmart.

So here we were minding our own business and digging our way through the mass collection of email’s compiled over the weekend when I chanced upon an email from a sharp eyed (and evidently distracted) reader of ours who says he starts his day off browsing through the pages of Sgcarmart’s “Used Car” section and somehow felt obliged to tell the world about his finding.

From the last time I counted, there was a white, grey, red, yellow and blue.

Now, I hardly see any of them NSX’s on the roads! Read more…

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NEWS: Did anyone see the smouldering Ferrari F430 on Wednesday?

What would Burning Rubber be without some of the precious burnt rubber of the Ferrari F430? Although stomp has a good collection of other cars burning around Singapore, none melted the belly blubber of our citizens as much as news of the burning Ferrari on Stamford Road on Wednesday afternoon. Cheers to multiple orgasms this week.

The unfortunate yellow F430 couldn’t have found a more iconic spot to burn – right in the middle of town opposite SMU (finally the Picanto owners in SMU get to laugh).

The public-turned-paparazzi soon flooded online portals and media with pictures and videos (at the end of the article in three different angles) of close to a million dollars going up in smoke, feeding on the buzz over lunchtime. What? No one complained of pollution just because it’s expensive smoke? That’s unfair! Yes, Chow Yun Fatt, I know this is Singapore, but still… Read more…

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BREAKING NEWS: Porsche releases worldwide recall for their Panamera!

First Toyota made headlines with world-wide recalls over faulty accelerator pedals.

Perhaps the sight of Akio Toyoda in tears during his public apology tightened the crotches of other automotive CEOs. Honda followed with its recall of the Fit model over “possible fire through excessive liquid contact of the master power window switch”. Although it sounds absurd, the Japanese certainly know how to maintain their quality standards – although it fed the media’s immense hunger over recalls and safety issues at that time.

However, little did we expect Porshe to turn up in the “i-think-i-should-recall” category of car makers – especially when it’s the first supercar brand to initiate the recalling of all its roughly 11,300 Panameras ever built. Unlike Honda which recalled cars based on some unlikely scenarios that breached car safety – Porshe’s Panamera has a good reason to take some of the meat searing that Toyota went through. But we’re never going to see Martin Winterkorn (CEO of Porshe SE and Volkswagen) cry over this. Read more…

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LAUNCH: Audi R8 V10 Spyder

April 27, 2010 2 comments

With the Audi Fashion Festival 2010 kicking off, the German brand has taken the chance to pair up their recent car launches with the highly-anticipated event.

First it was the TT RS.

Now they’ve unveiled the Audi R8 Spyder, the long awaited model that completes the R8 line, at a muted down press-only reveal today afternoon.

Perched on an elevated circular stage and covered in a colour I can only describe as “an-oil-effect-on-aluminium-foil” (if someone knows what it’s called, please do enlighten us under comments), we were treated to another gem of an advertisement for the Spyder from the boys at Audi before three (really hot) models participating in the Audi Fashion Festival Red Carpet event tonight pulled the cover off the car. Read more…

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