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MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: Everyone crack that piggy bank!! Honda NSX up for adoption!

There’s no better way to start the week for a car enthusiast than to see a pretty rare 1993 registered, V6-powered, pants-wetting, Honda NSX put up for adoption on local popular car website sgcarmart.

So here we were minding our own business and digging our way through the mass collection of email’s compiled over the weekend when I chanced upon an email from a sharp eyed (and evidently distracted) reader of ours who says he starts his day off browsing through the pages of Sgcarmart’s “Used Car” section and somehow felt obliged to tell the world about his finding.

From the last time I counted, there was a white, grey, red, yellow and blue.

Now, I hardly see any of them NSX’s on the roads!

The car’s going for $178,800 with its COE expiring January of 2013 and looks emmaculate from the low-resolution picture posted along with the ad.

Under the “Features” column it reads “You Can Buy A Lambo, Ferrari Or Porsche When You Got Money Anytime. But If This Piece Is Sold, You Got Wait For A Really Long Time. Excellent Condition Unit.”, “Accessories” stating “The Most Prestigious And Classy Sportscar That Japan Have Ever Made. Still Tasty In Looks And Melts The Hearts Of Many Collectors. $450k When Launched.” and “Description” waxing lyrical about the car’s exclusivity further with “The Glamour Of Owning This Is Unexplainable. A Cut Above The Common Marques. Car Fully Enthusiatically Restored With Geniune Parts That Cost $40k Above.” – leaving out anything cosntructive like body colour and interior details.

Usually the blatant flauting of rules in posting things about the car that don’t belong in various colums would draw some harsh criticism from us about how the guy who posted probably drives with his finger up his nose, but somehow, besides this car being one of the rare gems of the automotive world, it’s undeniable that whatever was posted about the car under the three colums is pretty darn true.

So crack open those piggy banks and email us at contribute.br@gmail.com telling us how much you’ve got! Once we’ve got enough contributors we’ll contact those who we’ve chosen and head down to Eurosports with our bags full of coins amounting to $178,800.

Want to see what you’re gonna help buy? Here’s the link.

“The Glamour Of Owning This Is Unexplainable. A Cut Above The Common Marques.”

Touché my man.

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