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NEWS: Did anyone see the smouldering Ferrari F430 on Wednesday?

What would Burning Rubber be without some of the precious burnt rubber of the Ferrari F430? Although stomp has a good collection of other cars burning around Singapore, none melted the belly blubber of our citizens as much as news of the burning Ferrari on Stamford Road on Wednesday afternoon. Cheers to multiple orgasms this week.

The unfortunate yellow F430 couldn’t have found a more iconic spot to burn – right in the middle of town opposite SMU (finally the Picanto owners in SMU get to laugh).

The public-turned-paparazzi soon flooded online portals and media with pictures and videos (at the end of the article in three different angles) of close to a million dollars going up in smoke, feeding on the buzz over lunchtime. What? No one complained of pollution just because it’s expensive smoke? That’s unfair! Yes, Chow Yun Fatt, I know this is Singapore, but still…

Perhaps the dead would be really happy to have a real Ferrari burnt for them to drive in heaven instead of the joss versions.

While many found it akin to the Titanic sinking, the handful of mocking birds who felt that the driver deserved it for being a show off smiled in glee, especially when a young man stepped out and fled the burning vehicle (not the scene of course).

As the engine climaxed from the throbbing flames (minus the roaring moan that once qualified this mechanical stallion as orgasm-inducing), firefighters eventually salvaged the boot by water spraying the entire back half.

It’s time clubs renamed their signature cocktail to ‘The Flaming Ferrari’. Lamborghinis never caught fire that easily (here) anyway.

Certainly, a million dollars could have been put to better use – not in terms of not buying the F430, but given the same situation, a burning Ferrari is always a huge media opportunity. For example, FHM could have brought down a few models, posing by the fire fighters and a burning car – now that’s an absolutely orgasmic cover page worthy photo-shoot opportunity.

Speaking of models, there’s only one who’s worthy of making it to the cover page with a burning Ferrari.

My friend’s video of the flaming Ferrari with a special appearance from Riz:

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  1. I love Ferraris but I hate jocks
    April 29, 2010 at 9:08 am

    This entry really cracked me up…good on ya mate! =oP

  2. daniel chan
    April 30, 2010 at 1:40 am

    Liked the Ris Low touch… nice.

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