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BREAKING NEWS: Singapore’s very first Ford Focus RS unit has already been delivered!

And it’s in blue!

Early on Friday morning, those who follow us on Twitter (follow us!! @burning_rubber) thought I was pulling your leg when I said I saw an RS blow off a road-hogging Hyundai Sonata taxi near the Tanglin area.

To clear all doubt, I made a coupla calls (sent one text over facebook) to someone within Ford and….

duly confirmed that the RS I saw was in fact, a proper cold-blooded Ford Focus RS

The unit only arrived in Ford’s holding facility a few days ago and seems like it was collected by the owner either on Wednesday or Thursday. Either way, the performance blue is confirmed to be the first one here.

Just to recap a little, the RS is Ford’s performance version of their Focus ST hatch which is aimed directly at Volkswagen’s Golf GTI and even Scirocco to some extent. Sticking to the same five cylinder, 2.5-litre turbocharged unit residing in it’s lesser sibling, the RS manages to squeeze out an extra 71bhp, churning out an absolutely evil total of 296bhp.

With the extra power, Ford has made the necessary changes to the cars chassis and setup in the form of upgraded springs, dampers, anti-roll bars and a Quaife limited-slip differential – essential when you’re trying to get almost 300bhp down on the road via the front two wheels.

The RS also gets a wider track and it’s very own unique ESP system.

So how good is the car? Well, at Burning Rubber we’re pretty darn good at judging some cars even before driving them. Rather than the number of awards a car bags, we tend to look at the more subtle signs.

The man on top of the mk2 RS development, Mr Jost Capito, was recently promoted to become the Global Director of performance vehicles and motorsports. Nuff said.

Check out this review on the RS. His accent is fairly boring but watch it through for the car’s accent!

* For the guys on S.E.C.S – You guys are gonna be busy trying to get this car pictured. You might want to hang round the Tanglin stretch in-front of St Regis. That’s where I saw it and the owner seemed to be dressed in office attire, meaning he’s probably working around the area or has to travel in the Orchard vicinity to get to and from work. If you do get a picture…WE WANT IT! Give it to us and we’ll promise you an Orgasm of the Week feature!

Wait…did you just yawn?

The Focus RS not getting your pulse rate up? This will.

Introducing the Ford Focus RS500.

The 500 representing the car’s limited global production number, this RS will surely get your pulses racing, pants tightened, and underpants soiled with it’s absolutely incomprehensible 345bhp from the exact same 2.5-litre unit from the Ford Focus ST!

That’s an impressive 49bhp more than the already quick RS. Torque figure stands at 460Nm of twist.

For those who haven’t experienced 460Nm, yes, it’s enough to sink your head into the headrest.

To further differentiate this model from the rest of the range, Ford has decided to coat all RS500’s in a matt black ‘foil’ finish with colour-coded 19-inch sports rims to go, adding to the car’s already sinister intentions.

All models will have a hand-engraved metal plaque on the centre console with the cars unique identification number on it.

Too bad all cars will only be available in 20 European markets, with most of them already sold even before before production started!

Check out a video of the RS500 on the road!

If high-res pictures are what your body’s craving, click Ford Focus RS and Ford Focus RS500 for their respective sets on flickr!

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  1. Andre
    April 19, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    Just make it 4WD will you, Ford? THANX!

  2. April 19, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Wicked… here’s hoping that I’ll see one for myself soon.

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