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NEWS: Mercedes-Benz to build C-Class Coupe…but on what?

As some of us might already know, the current E-Class Coupe prancing around is based on, and thus, is almost identical in dimensions to the C-Class sedan.

So if the E-Class Coupe is using the C-Class’s platform, what will the C-Class Coupe use as it’s basis?

Our guess is they’d probably go shorten the C’s platform enough to differentiate it from the two-door E car, but I had the impression they wanted the E Coupe to replace the CLK – which was based (as its moniker would suggest) on the C series.

There’s been no pictures released of how the car might look like but with production to take place in 2011, we’ll be expecting the car to take on the corporate face of the current line.

I’m just hoping that they don’t just saw the top off the Mercedes-Benz CLC though…the front quarter is fine but the rapidly rising belt line at the sides that connect with the high-mounted tail lamps at the rear make for one ugly sight.

One thing I can be sure off though is that, just like with the E-Class Cabriolet (which isn’t available yet), the soft top version will be using a cloth roof rather than a folding hard-top which the SLK and the SL models employ.

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