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NEWS: Buy a house and get a Ferrari F40 free? Believe it!

The Ferrari F40 is an iconic car. Not only was it Ferrari’s fastest and most expensive at that time, it was also the fastest road-legal car!

If you’re in the market for a new pad and looking for the best deal on the market, I believe Burning Rubber just found it for you.

Served on a virtual silver platter by virtual (again) Michael Schumacher himself, I present to you this!

The home has expansive ocean views on half an acre. There are 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and close to 6000 sq.ft. of living space. There is an pool, room to park 13 cars, and is less than a minute walk from the beaches along Encinal Bluffs.

But probably the only thing that would have caught your eye on the offer would have been the owner’s clause of you getting his mint-condition Ferrari F40 supercar as a gift with the purchase of his home!

With only 1,315 of the F40 produced and only 800 miles on it, this particular example is a steal with it being bundled together with the house for a cool USD$4 million.

If you take into consideration that the house across the road just went for USD$15 million, and the fact that you’ll be getting a highly sought after Ferrari F40 with such low mileage, any preteen or teenager could tell you the offer is a dead steal!

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