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NEWS: Hamilton apologises for the second time in two years in Melbourne

Well, at least he’s keeping something consistent isn’t he…

It was a cracker of a race (as Steve Slater would put it) in Melbourne over the weekend with the Bulls of Sebastian Vettel and local darling Mark Webber setting the fastest times in qualifying on Saturday.

But as in Bahrain, the leading charge by Vettel ground to an agonisingly painful halt, literally, as his car’s braking system gave way under hard braking into turn 13 of the 20th lap, giving the German no chance in salvaging anything from his lead.

McLaren’s Jenson Button though was the main beneficiary of all the incidents, pitting early in the race when the track showed traces of a drying racing line, and overtaking several cars and setting the fastest lap of the race a lap from exit.

But it was his team mate, Lewis Hamilton, who found himself in the spotlight once again even before the racing had started.

After the official practice session on Friday, he decided to unwind from driving in circles on the Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix track, to well, driving in circles on the streets.

With a mate in tow, he got into his C63 Mercedes-Benz AMG saloon and managed to get some donuts in, on a busy street, as he made a turn out of the track.

Regarding the matter, the McLaren Team sent out an email titled “A statement from Lewis Hamilton”, and this was what it read.

“This evening, I was driving in an over-exuberant manner and, as a result, was stopped by the police.

“What I did was silly, and I want to apologise for it.”

Now, we know the 2008 Formula 1 Champion was probably feeling really stupid after getting caught for his little show, knowing how everyone in Australia were treated to his and his team’s monumentally embarrassing string of lies of their alleged illegal overtaking on a Toyota under safety car conditions.

This, even though the FIA had studied the part of Hamilton’s recorded conversation with his team on the wall, giving specific instructions for him to overtake the car in front even though they knew it was illegal.

Now, it’s this. And the poor guy’s just 25.

Some guys just can’t catch a break.

Then again his $15 million Pound annual salary should be more than enough for him to make sure he’s driving on the right side of the road the next time he’s out in another country.

He’ll be charged with a barrage of summons in a country that clamps down really hard on irresponsible drivers, but shouldn’t be enough to worry the young Brit who broke up with his pussycat doll late last year.

I digress, but it’s understandable why she’d do something like that though.

There can only be space for one hot girl in the McLaren garage. And she, lady’s and gentlemen, is Jessica Michibata.

If you’re still feeling bad for Lewis I’d like to change your mind by clicking here.

Disclaimer: You guys are probably wondering why Jessica Michibata’s face is plastered all over this article that has nothing to know with this sweet angel. Honestly, I’d rather see her pictures than Hamilton’s.

So to counter all the potential criticism’s some of you might have, I’ve worked Jessica into the article at the bottom, as irrelevant as it is.

Can you blame me though? Wink away you goddess you.

UPDATE: Told you the Aussies were tough on irresponsible drivers. Click here for the video report of the authorities towing Hamilton’s car and the minister calling him a dickhead!

*Hat tip to Alastair Wong!

UPDATE: Ok, turns out Lewis is back with his cat. Either way it doesn’t matter.

* Hat tip to Shawn Chung!

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  1. Andre
    March 29, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    I had a good laugh reading this Jegan.. LOL!!

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