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NEWS: Renault’s Clio takes on a Jet and loses *VIDEO*

If your name was either Stefan or Montezemolo, your republics Air Force hotline would be on speed dail ahead of your Mom’s. But what if you made a slow entry-level car? Like a really slow car.

Renault, went ahead and did the obvious. They called up the French Air Force and scored a date for their Clio with one of the jets from the national squadron, and recorded all the “action” on tape, using it for their next advertising exercise for their city car, naturally.

Just to recap, in recent memory jet’s have been repeatedly called upon in different continents in an effort to pit the pure and raw acceleration of the plane to that of the cars taking them on. Two of such cars that dared and won, were the Lamborghini Reventon and the Bugatti Veyron.

Both limited edition runs and leading the charge for the fastest cars in the world, price tags are well over a million dollars (SGD) each.

The Clio however, costs $67,999 here.

The video actually shows both machines poised for take-off at the start point and the Christmas lights hitting green, drag style.

Needless to say the French car put on an absolute joke of a race, to the suprise of the marketing and engineering team at Renault apparently.

Staring back at their severely depleted advertising budget for the year though, the creative minds sat around and started coming up with possible angles for their new Clio, knowing that shooting another video was out of the question.

And they came up with this – a refreshingly frank take on their little runaround. While other manufacturers portray their cars maneuvering around winding roads with the ocean on one side and the sun’s rays bouncing off the angles on the other, the Clio, well, plain loses out from the get-go.

They continue to show the increasing gap but are mindful to remind viewers of exactly the purpose of the Clio. Even with my non-existent knowledge of the French language, it’s easy to make out words like weekend, shopping, infants, cinema and travel. Things owners would be more concerned about in the real world.

Nothing pretentious. No awesome, low-angled filming. Just bare, frank and honest.

It’s the new Clio people. Good to see the French brand having some sense of humour during trying times like these.

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