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LAUNCH: The new Audi A5 / S5 Cabriolets

Look ma! Audi just launched a new Audi…again!

1Just a month after Audi launched the breath-taking R8 V10, S3 Sportback and S4 sedan, they’re back again with the new A5 / S5 Cabriolets.

In the lush greenery nestled in Capella Sentosa, Audi unveiled the new cabriolets to journalists that were still dreamy eyed from the spa treatment they had earlier in the day.

Audi arranged for the journalists to receive a soothing and sensual spa treatment followed by a rejuvenating massage by professional therapists. While in their semi-lucid state, Reinhold Carl, Managing Director of Audi Singapore took the opportunity to coo facts about the new cabriolets to them.

Audi’s latest A5 cabriolet gives its owners the freedom of open-top driving with the confidence of its Quattro all wheel drive system. Powered by the 2.0-litre TFSI inline four, the unit chucks out 211 galloping ponies to all four wheels. Torque figures stand at 350Nm. Impressive for a car being marketed more as a lifestyle vehicle than a bruising drive.

3The new S5 retains the same powerful lines of the coupe but with the metal roof replaced with a folding fabric variant. Audi claims that the fabric roof retains the same sound insulating qualities of a metal one due to the special coating used on the material.

Powered by the same 3.0-litre TFSI V6 powerplant found in the S4 Sedan, the S5 demolishes the autobahns with 333bhp. When push comes to shove, the S5 shoves back with 440Nm of torque. Enough to make your date turn a shade of green, but not too much. The century sprint is dispatched in 5.6 seconds up to a maximum limited speed of 250km/h.

The car comes equipped with Audi’s dual clutch S-tronic tranny with the new sports differential as an option. The sports differential accelerates the rear wheels individually. It improves the turn by diverting more power to the outside rear wheel when turning into and out of bends.

Both cars lose their tops in 15 seconds and 17 seconds to close. An advantage both cabriolets have over the competition is the ability to go topless while travelling at a reasonable and very convenient speed of 50km/h. The best of them can only achieve the topless act at 20km/h. Even with the roof folded, the owners will still find 320 litres of stowage space available and 380 litres with the roof up.

Personally, I can’t wait to test drive either of these cars. Spending a day with them would be as enchanting as a day out with Claudia Schiffer.

Click here for the rest of the pictures!

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