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LAUNCH: Alfa Romeo joins the automotive circus in Leng Kee Road

Passionate Alfa fans gathered at Teban Gardens to convoy down to the new showroom together in a spectacular display of Alfas past and present2302_9_l

Alfa Romeo today celebrated the opening of their newest showroom located at 11 Leng Kee Road, in the heart of Singapore’s automotive district. Renovated to reflect the passion and spirit of motoring that is at the heart of the Alfa brand, the showroom will play host to some of the industry’s most beautiful cars in addition to a very select range of Alfa Romeo merchandise and collectibles.

The showroom was inaugurated to the mellifluous bellow of Alfa’s supercar – the 8C Competizione, of which there are only 500 in existence. After delighting the crowd with what has to be one of the most moving exhaust notes in the world, a beaming Melvin Goh, Managing Director of official importer EuroAutomobile said “it’s fantastic to finally secure a location for Alfa that will bring it to more people. There are some great cars in the range that people simply don’t know about. With the new showroom we are able to get more people to try the cars – and we are very sure that once they try it, every driver will fall in love with the Alfa difference, I certainly did”

There are rumours flying around that Melvin owns the red 8C unit you see in the pictures.

With Alfa Romeo celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2010 the Leng Kee address is expected to provide a central location and platform for centennial celebrations. As well as hosting car buyers, the new home is expected to attract brand enthusiasts, who will always be welcome for a discussion on latest Alfa gossip, news and trivia.

This is the first time in the marque’s history that they have had such a prime location, so it is expected that traffic at the showroom and interest in the brand will increase dramatically. Along with this dramatic increase in accessibility for car shoppers comes a range of activities aimed at exposing the brand to people that may never have experience the Alfa passion, or may have outdated perceptions of the brand.

By outdated they mean the fact that Alfa’s tend to give problems some years of ownership. They did launch the MINI-rivaling MiTo last year but with only a manual unit in town, take-up of the car hasn’t been spectacular. Infact I haven’t seen any registered units on our roads.

Not suprising considering the interior door panels can be depressed and same with the side arm handles, creaking when slightly twisted. A real pity…

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