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Yes yes old news Im sure but this time, the anguishing people at General Motors have given the Hummer brand a definitive sell-off date. GM has already mentioned that there are a few suitors who were interested in taking the brand up but thats as much as they’re willing to share. 

Originally manufactured by AM General Corp as a purposeful  High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), they made the decision to modify their offerings and build a less spartan version for the mass markets in 1992. 6 years later, the HUMMER brand was sold to GM but they still got AM General to manufacture the vehicles while GM took charge of the marketing and distribution. GM then introduced the H2 and H3 models after the original vehicle, which was considerably smaller then the H1.

With sales of HUMMER’s bullish for so many years, GM would not have imagined the current situation they are in.  With fuel prices skyrocketing and the “green movement” coming to much light, HUMMER’s have seen a dip of 40% in sales for the first half of this year on the back of customers prefering to buy more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient cars instead.

Certainly the measures taken by GM and other ailing manufacturers alike reflects the grim condition that the US auto market is in. Even the European market is showing signs of a slowdown in regards to its auto industry with BMW reporting slipping sales figures.

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